We have over 12 years of experience, combined, shooting family photos at the beach. Yes, we have seen it all! You can be confident that we will work with your family to get the best shots possible. We have mastered unique methods for working with children and creating the best possible organized fun that results in art. 

WE Believe in doing more than just showing up and taking your photos...

Each year I try to streamline the booking process to make it easier to reserve your session.  An online calendar would be great but it is way too impersonal a method to book family photos.  Each family has different needs and it is much more beneficial for everyone to gather the details on your photo session and send out a booking proposal to save your date.

We know there are several options here are a few reasons to consider us!

Get Scheduled

Prep for Your Shoot

We have your shoot info and start sending out reminders and tips the week before your photo session.  The emails are filled with helpful info and tips that will make your beach photo session a success.

I'll send you "all-the-things" for Photo session - location, Kid preparation hacks , you name it!

the Big Day

One of us will meet you on photo day at the location specified in your booking proposal.  Please check out the location before hand or put it into your GPS so you will not miss 1 minute of your session.  I typically ask clients to arrive 10 minutes early incase someone needs a bathroom break or last minute touch up on makeup.

the day has arrived and it's time to get those amazing photos you've been dreaming of!

Sneak Peak

If you choose the Sneak Peak option you photographer will post a sneak peak within a week of your photo session.  Just a few of our favorites so you can see how well they turned out.
After the sneak peak your photos go into the editing que for final edits.  This process can take up to a mont in the summer months.  IT'LL BE WORTH THE WAIT!

I know you are dying to see how things tured out.  We got you covered with a sneak peak

Gallery Delivery

 We will email you a gallery link that you can use to download all your happy photos.  The images are yours and will come with a print release.  You may also share the photos with family members and friends. 
You can print your photos wherever you would like.  No more high markup print prices.   

I KNOW YOU ARE DYING TO SEE your final gallery with all THOSE Beautiful Photos






About My Process

the process

- susan H.

"Tyla was a dream to work with! Seriously, could not have asked for a better experience."

We are currently offering a $100 discount for full sessions Sunrise sesions

Photo Package Special Offers

$5O DISCOUNT for Late Afternoon Just Us and Bring the Grands Sessions.
-The Mini session is not included in this discount- 

 15-minute session at the Gulf State Park Pavilion location

Session includes:

investment $250

Mini sessions are not Available at Sunset June-August

Photo Package Investment

- 8 Digital Images credit included.
- You choose your favorites $20 for additional images
- Print release For all purchased photos
- (1-5 people)
- Single Family parents and their children. Couples,     Seniors.
- Online Gallery for choosing your favorites
$50 retainer to save the date

Mini Sessions

- 30 minute session at Gulf State Park Pavilion 
- 20-25 Digital Images with print release
- (1-6 people)
- Single Family only parents and all children
- Online Gallery
Best for 
Family Photos | Business Cards | Engagement Portraits

Session includes:

investment $500

Just Us Family Session

Photo Package Investment

- 35 minute session at Gulf State Park Pavilion
- 25-30 Digital Images with print release
- (1-8 people)
- Single Family and grandparents 
- Online Gallery
Best for
Family Photos | Generations Photos | A few more images

Session includes:

investment $550

Bring the Grands

-45 minute session at Gulf State Park Pavilion
- 35-40 Digital Images with print release
- (1-10 people)
- Multiple families
- Online Gallery
Best for
Family Photos | Generations Photos | friends group 

base package includes:

investment $700

The Beach House Session

-1 hour session (1-20 people) at Gulf State Park Pavilion
- 45-55 Digital Images with print release
- (1-20 people)
- Online Gallery
Best for
Extended families | Large Groups | Fussy Babies | Wardrobe changes | Reunions | Friend Groups

Session includes:

investment $850

The Whole Gang

Only Due to weather. Once we get your session retainer that spot is held for you. Our schedules are set and we have to turn away anyone else that wants that spot. If you are unable to make it to your appointment we can try to fill it but it is not guaranteed. If the weather is to bad during your vacation your session retainer will be refunded. We will make every effort to get your photo session.

All the photos in your gallery will have basic edits. We will whiten teeth if needed and brighten eyes. Your Photos are also white balanced and background enhanced to balance the photograph and give them some extra color and depth.

We offer a sneak peak or preview (on request) the week after photo session so you can see what they are going to look like before you go home. We will give you a good estimate of photo delivery time frame on photo day. During the summer months, it may take up to 5 weeks to get your edited images. 

Yes! We will keep your photos for 6 months. During this time you can decide if there is one or more that are very important to you. If there is going to be a big canvas above your fireplace, you may want to have more edits. This is no problem. There is a $20 per photo charge for this service. The available extra edits are:
remove extra items in the background (people, signs, trash cans, litter, etc) remove stray hairs, acne removed, crows feet, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, slimming, smooth skin
All of these are included in your $20 payment per photo.

Our primary Photo location is the Gulf State Parks Beach Pavilion.  If you choose to have your photographer meet you at your beach house there is a $50 (OCT-May) and $100 (JUN-AUG) travel fee. No fee for sunrise in Gulf shores or Orange Beach. (Fort Morgan Annex, and Perdido Key requires travel fee).

Tips are very much appreciated, but not expected. Your photos are prepaid, but if you feel that your photographer did an exceptional job please let them know.  Yes, you are certainly welcome to tip!

We Love Dogs!
Unfortunately the State Park and all other beaches Forbid pets on the beach.  The police, state park and lifeguards will spot you and possibly give a ticket.  Your service dogs are welcome.  Some private beach houses have different rules which do not apply.

Sorry, we don't make the rules but are required to follow them.   

get booked now

Please book early if you can.   The most popular sessions will fill up early and in the high season we will book up every day.   This year is anticipated to be a yet another record breaking year for the area.   Reserving your session early will provide you with more options for planning your vacation activities.  To get started you can Call (251) 600-9886 or Click on the link below to send in a booking request.

Let's get you scheduled and make a plan to capture this amazing milestone in your life.

Ready to Book?