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Plan your session with our Beach Photographers in Gulf Shores today!

Hi vacationers!  We are Beach Life Photography, and we would love to take your family beach portraits while you are visiting our Alabama beaches!  There is no prettier background than the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.

Gulf Shores beach pictures

You look like a mermaid!

Photos are a fun activity for the whole family!

With social distancing in place, our vacation activities are limited.  One very safe activity is to arrange a mini session with one of our beach photographers in Gulf Shores.  We keep our distance so that everyone stays safe, and believe it or not, we all have fun at photo night!

Orange Beach Alabama clouds

Love the reflection!

I know, for the most part, it is mom’s idea to hire a photographer, but everyone will enjoy themselves.

Tell dad that our small family session only lasts 30 minutes.  Yes, that is all, and it goes by quickly according to most dads.  We like to make him the star of a few photos so that he feels special too.  Just wait, we will get a smile out of papa bear, I guarantee it!

Gulf Shores beach portraits

While we are all together, say Cheese!

What about the kids, they don’t sit still!

There is no need for sitting around at a beach mini session with Beach Life Photography.  Our beach photographers in Gulf Shores will keep your kids moving.  Even for the most active toddlers, we can find photo-friendly poses.. like running, jumping, and spinning!

affordable photographers in Gulf Shores

Family photos are always a great gift!

Our beach photographers in Gulf Shores have you covered!

We have the ideas, equipment, and patients to make it happen for your family photo session at the beach.  Even for those that say their kids don’t do well for photos, we can do it!  Lots of experience and know-how have gotten us this far. your family is no different from the rest!

Make your plans now to meet us at the beach for an evening of fun and photos!

Thanks for reading our blog about Beach photographers in Gulf Shores.  We also travel to Perdido Key, Fort Morgan, and Orange Beach Alabama for photos.   We do specialize in family beach portraits, but also offer wedding photography, real estate, and senior portraits.



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