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Beach Life Photography is offering mini-sessions at the beach!

It is that time of year again, Christmas mini-sessions are back!  Not only for Christmas but from now until the end of February.  It is the best opportunity to update your family photos at the beach!  You know why?

Christmas in Gulf Shores

Everybody is together! That is worth celebrating with photos.

The beaches are empty!

Well, less crowded, for now.  Gulf Shores does draw a Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year crowd, but otherwise, we have empty beaches.  That is great news for photographers in Gulf Shores.  The sunset time is another bonus.  It is so early, that we don’t have to worry about sleepy babies at 8 pm!  We will be meeting closer to 4 pm this time of year, which is great for baby and grandpa!

best photographer in Gulf Shores

Daddy/Daughter fun!

seasonal photo specials

Photo specials are worth it!

Why schedule mini-sessions at the beach?

Obviously, you will need a Christmas card, or at least a great family photo to show off on social media!  2020 has been a year to remember (or forget, lol).  We should all document this time in our lives with professional photos.  Afterward, you could order a canvas for the parent’s Christmas gift.  Just an idea, but it is a good one!

beach pics in Gulf Shores

All packages are discounted by $50 until March 1, 2021!

All of our sessions are discounted $50 until March 1, 2021!

Not only our single family, 30 minute, mini-session, but all of our beach photo packages are on sale!  If you are planning a holiday getaway with your little family or meeting the extended family for a Christmas at the beach, we can accommodate you for all of your photography needs.

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach beach portraits

The grandbabies!

High resolution, enhanced images are so much better than taking a pic on your mobile device.

Sure you can snap a few beach pictures on your phone, but where is the fun in that?  Let us pose your crew, and make an evening of it.  It is about the experience of hiring a professional photographer.  Beach Life makes it fun for the whole family!  Quality images are the other reason to hire us to take your family beach portraits.  If you have ever tried to enlarge a phone photo, you understand.  Let’s plan on a huge canvas, and remember 2020 in a good way!

Christmas mini

mom & dad need a photo, aww sweet!




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