Family Photo Process


Family Photo Process

What is the family photo process?  This is my most frequently asked question, so I thought we would write a blog to explain how a typical session works.

Step one is easy.  Meet me at the beach!

Ok, I know you have gone through a lot of prep work getting to this point.  But, you get the family photo process up to this point.  Choose cute outfits, get a haircut, lose 10 lbs, wrangle the kids, get ketchup stain off kids’ shirts, lol!

It takes so much effort on your part just to get here, we know and appreciate this!

photographers in Alabama

Cute boy, great photo!

Once you are here, we meet just before sunset, or at sunrise.

That is the good light, aka golden hour!  Depending on the size of your family, we can determine our start and finish time according to the number of participants.  Your time will be assigned when you book.  It is tentative depending on Mother Nature.  If we get rain or heavy clouds, we may have to adjust or even reschedule our meeting.  That is a whole new blog, lol.  Basically, a rainout means we aim for sunrise another day or a refund of your retainer.

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Each Individual Family will get a few photos of different backgrounds.

So we are here, what is the family photo process now?

We discuss any special requests with you first.  Let your photographer know if there is a particular shot or combination that you want.  Usually, a family says, we just want family photos.  That is ok, it is what we do & definitely, have you covered.

family photo process

Want a Mother/Daughter photo? You got it!

For most photo sessions we will meet you at the state park.

For condo or beach houses, the process may be a bit more limited, depending on the scenery.  There are wooden swings and a wooden walkway at the state park in Gulf Shores.  This makes a nice “first pose”.  If one or both of these are available, we grab that shot first.

Photography in Gulf Shores AL

And then you will need a Father/Son photo!

Step two is where we get going, literally.

Take your shoes off and follow me to the beach.  Your photographer will lead you to the sand & start the shuffle.  Each family will rotate through these poses in most cases.  Single families get their groupings, add the grandparents in for a shot, then kids alone.

Gulf Shores Al beaches

Couples photos are always sweet.

There are your dunes shots!

On certain days, we may spend more time with the dune’s backgrounds.  This depends on the winds, crowds by the water, baby’s fear of water, etc.  If you prefer the “dunes look”, over the coastline, please tell your photographer ahead of time.

Alabama beaches

Everyone gets a shot by the water’s edge.

Walk with me to the water!

Hold on, not so fast.  This is our action time.  We get you walking away as a family, jumping, twirling, or playing with this lighting.  It is bright enough to capture a great candid shot and is a big part of the family photo process.

beach photos in Gulf Shores

A Few, Just for Fun!

Let’s get close to the water.

Now that you are by the water, we get a few sitting in the sand shots (before anyone gets splashed, and sand stuck to their legs).  Speak up here if you have a special request. (grandmom with the grandkids, all the girls, etc).

We have arrived at the water’s edge just in time to end our family photo process with a splash!

Not really, you don’t have to get wet, but if you stand in the reflection of the wet sand, it is magical.  A group shot will be taken, then each family will have a turn.  Afterward, a couple of shots can be taken and the kids individually or with their siblings.

It is a fun & organized process that we go through which results in almost a pose a minute.

Your photographer keeps you moving and takes each shot 3-5 times.  Before your photos are emailed, Beach Life Photography will choose the best of each pose & enhance your photo, removing all people and signs from the background.

Photo delivery varies, depending on the time of year.  Please allow us a week in the winter, and up to 6 weeks in the summer to prepare your beach portraits for delivery.  See you at the beach!









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