Picture This


Can you Picture This? You are at the beach, enjoying the sea breeze, waves crashing and the sky is lovely. There you go!

Picture this, you having fun at photos
Family beach photos are fun with Beach Life!

Now add your family to this picture in your mind!

Everyone is happy, smiling and playing at the beach. Isn’t that a pretty sight! The picture in your mind can be on the walls of your home and displayed as your screen saver to look at every day!

beach pictures
Family photos, making memories!

Now Picture This, email your favorite photographer in Gulf Shores!

That is right, Beach Life Photography here! It is as easy as a few clicks, and you are scheduled for family beach portraits in Gulf Shores.

Lifestyle photographer
Hello cutie pie!

Family photos are fun for all ages & easy to schedule.

After making your appointment, coordinate a few matching outfits, or non-matching outfits & pack your bag, including the sunscreen (we don’t want lobster faces in your photos).

picture this good times
Goodness aren’t you a pretty crew!

When photo day arrives, get ready for fun with your photographer!

Enjoy your day as usual (wearing sunblock), eat lunch, hit the beach, and let the kids nap. Just before sunset, give the kids a snack and head to the beach to meet your photographer.

beach pics
We love the boardwalk shots.

Beach Life will take it from here.

We can start with a formal shot or two, then the playtime begins. Time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it! After your session, go ahead and enjoy dinner in your cute photo attire.

grandparent photos
That is a bunch of happy grands!

Wait for your email.

That was a wonderful vacation. A few weeks have gone by and the memories are starting to fade, then Ding! Oh, Hello, downloadable link! That is my family, at the beach and picture perfect!

beach pictures
We have fun, yes we do!

I am so very glad that you are considering scheduling your photo shoot with Beach Life Photography!


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