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Beach Life Photography offers a wide assortment of photo times. Whatever time of day suits you, we are happy to take photos of your vacation!

Sunrise photo sessions (no mini sessions this time of day).

Good morning, sunshine! Hello, early birds! Sunrise is a crowd favorite for several reasons. First, it is much cooler in the mornings. I am talking about air temperature and sand on your feet temps. Also, the beach is much less crowded during the morning hours. That is great for the self-conscience that would rather not have 1000 people seeing you posing for beach portraits. The #1 reason sunrise is a hit: Babies & Toddlers almost always perform better after a good night’s sleep. They are also less stimulated by sunbathers & loud music that comes with our evening sessions. If quiet, peaceful, cooler mornings sound like something your family would enjoy, do it! Set your alarm clock & meet us at sunrise!

Sunrise photos
Sunrise photos look just like sunset.

Sunset photo sessions (no Mini at this time of day).

That was a great day. Now, let’s clean up for dinner and photos! Sunset is our most popular time of day for beach photography. The lighting is equally soft and colorful as sunrise, but you don’t have to wake up early. This time of day appeals to teens, who would rather sleep in. They can also be bribed to take family photos because you will feed them a big seafood dinner afterward!

Beach Life Photography
Sunset Photos are the most popular.

Late Afternoon sessions (Mini sessions are allowed for single families only, mom, dad, and 2 kids).

Late Afternoon mini sessions
Late Afternoon photo lighting.

Bright, sunny, blue skies! The Late Afternoon offers an authentic beach look that you see in magazines: blue skies and sparkling reflections on the water. Happy lifestyle photos are best when taken in the late afternoon. This time of day is not for everyone, however. We recommend sunset or sunrise for people with sensitive eyes or who easily overheat.

Early (not sunrise) to Late Morning sessions. (Mini sessions are allowed for single families only)

Beach Life is happy to introduce “sunglasses sessions.” For those who only have a short time together and cannot fit photos in at any other time, we can do beach sessions early to late morning. Bring your sunglasses if you would like. You can even wear swimsuits for playful, action shots in the water. Let us capture your “true vacation” as it unfolds on the beach!

Off-the-beach photo times are versatile.

If you don’t necessarily want traditional beach portraits, we can meet at several locations that do not require sunset or sunrise. The Arts Center on the Bay or the Heron House at the Wharf take lovely photos. Another excellent suggestion for windy days is the Fort at Fort Morgan. Your hair isn’t going anywhere with the brick & limestone walls surrounding it! No AquaNet is required, lol.

Fort Morgan Photographers
The Fort at Fort Morgan works on windy days from 8 am -3 pm.
Family photographers in Gulf Shores
Bring Pets & Props! The nature trails are another senior favorite.


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