Show me the Photos

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Please show me the photos of your favorite vacation! What are the most essential items in your home? What did our first house look like? I am so glad you asked. There is a photo here in the drawer! What would you grab in an emergency? I bet your family photos are in the top five!

It was passed down through the generations.

One of my favorite possessions is a photo of my dad taken 60 or more years ago. He was in the Army and wearing his dress uniform. In his eyes, I see such excitement, potential, and a young man’s dreams just starting his adult life. He has passed away now, but I think about him daily when I look at these very photos that live on my desk in my office. Hi, Pop! I miss you!

Do you have a favorite family photo?

I bet everyone does! The memories come flooding back when you look at a childhood photo. There is a specific picture of me and my childhood friends playing in my sandbox when we were around 6 years old. What a treasure to have this memory in print. The colors have slightly faded, but the photo is enough to jar the emotions and make me smile. The neighborhood friends are still my buddies, so there are photos of us at prom, weddings, and with our kids throughout the years. I wouldn’t trade these friendships or pictures for the world!

“Show me the photos,” says my daughter.

When my children are visiting, they love to look at old photographs. Not only to laugh at my hairstyles and clothing but also to see how cute they were as kids! They had funny haircuts, too, haha! It is the best therapy to sit around the house with my grown children and reminisce about the good old days. They grew up way too fast!

Never a dull moment.

Looking at family pictures can stir my emotions as much as any song on the radio or an old hymn. Sometimes, the tears flow from joy and even sadness. I must prepare my emotional side before opening the drawers to the blue dresser that holds my best memories. All the love I feel in my heart comes rushing in at once.

The best cure for a bad memory is a photo.

Sitting with old pictures can remind you of the times you would otherwise forget. What does this tell me? I am glad I took the time to take photos. You should do the same!


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