Late Afternoon Photos

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What do late afternoon photos look like? Bright, beautiful, and fabulous! The blues are bluer, the whites are whiter, and the landscape is popping! Beach Life Photography offers late-afternoon sessions for all of these reasons! The look is very Instagramy.

Sunset vs. Afternoon.

Sunset and sunrise photos are moody. Soft portrait lighting is best for those with sensitive eyes who like the creamy look of the muted sunset colors. On the flip side, but just as appealing, is late afternoon photography. Bold colors and a general happy feel are what you get from the extra lighting that daylight photos provide.

Young, active families make great candidates for late-afternoon photos.

Playful little ones, especially, do well with action shots. Running on the beach, jumping waves, and tossing the baby are great poses for daytime photos. Busy toddlers are always on the go! Afternoon lighting complements the happiness of babes in motion at the beach.

Early bedtimes?

The beach can be draining for kids. After a long day of playing in the sand, they may pass out before dark. Late afternoons are an excellent option for kids who don’t nap but run at full speed on vacation.

Dinner Reservations!

Yes, there are several restaurants in town with beautiful views. Taking photos first, then going straight to dinner, may just allow you to fit it all in! Afternoon pictures may be the key to making it to your dinner reservations at a decent hour to catch a sunset over dinner. One cute outfit and two beachy activities in one evening!

We only need a few photos. Ask about our single-family mini-sessions.

Don’t want an entire 30-minute session? Beach Life Photography offers Afternoon mini-sessions, which last 15 minutes & are perfect for single families that want to save a few dollars but still have professional photos on the beach.

Are there any reasons to skip the afternoon sessions?

Yes. Those with sensitive eyes should stick with a sunset or sunrise session. The late afternoon sun can be intense on days without clouds. Squinting and shadows are two things that we have to be mindful of during bright days. The heat is another mid-summer concern. For anyone who sweats easily, you may need to skip the daytime slots and use a sunrise for the coolest part of the day. Otherwise, it’s all good and everything you have ever wanted in a family photo.


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